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Please note, that in case of emergency, you should ALWAYS call 911!

Doctor Home Visit was founded in the city of Vaughan in 2013 with the idea to better serve the population of Vaughan Region. We aim to provide health care services to all the Vaughan based communities like Maple, Thornhill, Woodbridge or Richmond Hill. We deliver quality healthcare to your house, trying our best to see you on the same day but sometime it may not be possible. Doctor Home Visit is determined to serve as an outstanding example of medical assistance provided in the Vaughan area in Ontario.

Our standard is set high for all qualified doctors who want to be a part of Doctor Home Visit. This is to ensure that YOU are receiving impeccable patient care wherever you reside in Vaughan. Our Vaughan doctors are able to see patients in the following York districts:

  • Maple

  • Thornhill (Only west of Yonge st)

  • Woodbridge

  • Richmond Hill (Only west of Yonge st)

  • Kleinburg

The doctor house call service is available to residents of Vaughan who are for some reason unable to take a visit to the family doctor’s office. Various forms of disability, old age and other circumstances may apply, for example: young family’s transportation issues, busy schedule concern of getting germs or flu in clinic. We regularly pay visits to homes of newborn babies or to great-grandmothers but we encourage any individual requiring this service by contacting us today!

Please note, that in case of emergency, you should ALWAYS call 911!

We aspire to be the most referred health professionals in Vaughan which goal we will attain by providing a memorable, patient-friendly health care service for all ages.

Why choose the health care services of Doctor Home Visit as a Vaughan resident?

We, at Doctor Home Visit know that providing the best health care relies on three significant attributes. Therefore, we are:

  1. Professional

Our high standards require for all our staff to be knowledgeable and well-prepared, whether they are our patient care representatives or the physicians. It will always be our aim to provide a professional but friendly atmosphere for a great patient experience.

  1. Convenient

Being sick and not being able to leave the house should not mean that you won’t see a doctor, at all. Doctor Home Visit offers a convenient solution for you by connecting you with suitable family doctors anywhere in Vaughan. Access to health care is quick and easy!

  1. Patient-focused

Doctor Home Visit knows that when sick, people may feel more vulnerable. We will connect you with the best doctors in Vaughan so that you have a pleasant experience before, during and after the examination in your home. We focus on reaching complete patient satisfaction at all times.