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Home health care is an accessible privilege for all Vaughan citizens who require a doctor’s house call. Doctor Home Visit is a doctor house call provider in Vaughan that finds physicians for patients who require medical care in the comfort of their homes. At Doctor Home Visit our doctors available for house calls will ensure that every patient in Vaughan will be seen by a physician the same day he or she requests a home visit. Requesting a home visit from a doctor In Vaughan is easy, all you have to do is call us at (905) 303-7888, provide us your information and request a doctor to visit you at your home.

Finding a doctor on call in Vaughan, Ontario

Once you expressed your need in a doctor’s house call, all you have to do is wait for a qualified doctors health care professional to arrive to your home for the appointment. We, at Doctor Home Visit know how hard it is to find a good doctor, let alone find a good doctor who does house calls. You won’t need to go through doctor reviews after doctor reviews because all the Vaughan doctors who are registered in our database have met the highest standards and they all received a continuous positive feedback throughout their medical history. You can rest assured that you will receive a professional and friendly patient care from the physician attending to your needs at your house in Vaughan.

Who can use Doctor Home Visit’s call-a-doctor service?

Our home health care or call-a-doctor service is best utilized by individuals living in Vaughan who are unable to attend at a traditional walk-in clinic’s consultation hours due to a physical disability or other retaining circumstances. This services is available for anybody who wishes to be seen by a doctor in Vaughan.

The doctor house call service by Doctor Home Visit is recommended for the following residents of Vaughan:

  • Elderly or senior citizens with temporary or permanent inability for movement

  • Young families with children

  • Individuals with a temporary disability who have no access to transportation

  •  This services is available for anybody who wishes to be seen by a doctor in Vaughan.

Any of the above mentioned individuals may apply for our home health care services to be conducted by a qualified physician in Vaughan. The call-a-doctor service operates in Vaughan and all the Vaughan-based communities such as Maple, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Woodbridge or Kleinburg.

Senior Health Care Services

The doctor house call service is especially valuable for senior citizens in Vaughan. On-call health care advantages for seniors can be:

  • Not having to leave the comfort of your home

  • No additional health risks associated with waiting in a walk-in clinic

  • Approved and professional doctors on call

Baby or Infant Health Care

As a new parent, you may face with many new situations with your baby. We, at Doctor Home Visit understand that you want the best for your child. If your baby is sick, your best option is to request a home visit from a doctor in Vaughan so that your infant will not be exposed to additional bacteria at a walk-in clinic’s waiting room.

A doctor house call in Vaughan is fast, reliable and professional when requested through Doctor Home Visit’s home health care provider service. Request a home visit in Vaughan, today!